GardenWeb User Survey
(And entryway to the Official Flamingo Gallery.)

We greatly appreciate your help in our quest to gain some insight into our users' lifestyles and perhaps thereby wring a few dollars from advertisers. Of course, we know most of you are just filling this out because it's the only way to get to the widely acclaimed Official Flamingo Gallery. This survey is totally blind and your identity cannot be recorded.

Please answer all the questions. If none of the choices fit you exactly, choose the one that is closest.

Thanks for your help!
Spike Hernandez, Webmaster

Sex:       Female       Male

Age:       Under 12       12-17       18-24       25-34       35-49       50-64       65+

Family:       Single       Married

Do you have children living at home?       Yes       No

Weekly Hours Spent on the Web:       4 or fewer       5-8       9-14       15-19       20-29       30+

Other Interest Areas (check all that apply):

      Nature/Outdoors       Travel       Sports       Computers       Home Improvement

Education:       High School       Some College       BA/BS       Graduate Degree


Hey, this isn't so bad! Here's a little peek at what's in store:

Total Spent Last Year on Lawn and Garden: (Include plants, supplies, tools, services, etc.)

            Under $100       $100-200       $300-400       $500-800

            $900-1,200       $1,300-1,900       $2,000-2,900       $3,000+

Total Spent Last Year on Computers: (Include computers, printers, modems, software, services, etc.)

            Under $100       $100-200       $300-400       $500-800

            $900-1,200       $1,300-1,900       $2,000-2,900       $3,000+

Home:       Own Home       Rent Home

Employment:       Full-Time       Part-Time       Homemaker       Retired/Unemployed

        Spouse:       Full-Time       Part-Time       Homemaker       Retired/Unemployed       None

Do either you or your spouse maintain a home office?       Yes       No


OK, you're almost there! Here's another peek to tide you over:

Total Household Income:

            Under $25,000       $25-29,000       $30-34,000       $35-39,000       $40-44,000

            $45-49,000       $50-54,000       $55-59,000       $60-64,000       $65-69,000

            $70-74,000       $75-79,000       $80-84,000       $85-89,000       $90,000+  


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