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The Official Flamingo Gallery!

GardenWeb, in cooperation with the International Guild of Lawn Ornament Operators (IGLOO), Long-Legged Bird Division, is happy to provide this gallery of the finest flamingo images available--many the work of world-famous artists!

Left: Flamingoes at Dawn by Claude Monet. In fact, Monet hated flamingoes for he suspected them of eating his iris rhizomes. Extensive research by a team of art historians and animal behaviorists has shown this to be unlikely.

Right: Strutting Flamingo by Unknown. Although little is known of Unknown's life, he, or she, was quite a prolific artist producing a vast and diverse oeuvre.

Right: Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch. For centuries, art historians have speculated on why Bosch used the word garden in the title of this work. Did he forsee the coming triumph of lawn ornaments?
Left: Alice with Flamingo by Sir John Tenniel. This was a sketch made for Lewis Carroll's first version of Alice in Wonderland. In that version, instead of following a rabbit down a hole, Alice followed a flamingo into a mud flat. Carroll later denied the existence of this earlier version, but the manuscript has since been found in the British Library.

Right: Nesting Flamingoes by Maurice Prendergast. Over the years, this painting had been attributed to a number of artists, but each of them vehemently denied authorship. It is currently credited to Prendergast because he is dead and unable to make denials.

Right: Rare Black Flamingo, on Very, Very Dark Moonless Night by Franz Kline. This was Kline's last work before his move to pure abstract expression. The detail may be hard to discern on some monitors.



Left: Flamingo by Moonlight by Casper David Friedrich. A practitioner of artistic romanticism, Friedrich is known for the religious symbolism in his work. This painting seems to allude to a sect popular during his lifetime, the Flamingotati, which was known for its perverse form of ritualized gardening.

Right: Flamingoes with Elephants by Grandma Moses. An American primitivist, Ms. Moses produced a large number of paintings depicting life on an American farm. Grandma also took an occasional belt of blackberry brandy.

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