Globe Artichoke Harvesting

berryNovember 21, 2006

Hello everyone

For the second time I think I have misjudged my globe artichokes as to when they are ready to pick. All the photos I could find show them as darker green and even quite purple on the tips.

Mine are just a light green and seem to start opening up without looking ready.

Hoping someone can advise me as to pick them anyway while they are still closed or partly open?

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had the same problem myself for the first couple of years, but learned that you need to harvest them just before the bracts open...don't worry about colour (you're probably growing "Green Globe" as distinct from "Purple Globe"), or size (From Qld DPI: "A cool climate is required for the globe artichoke, but the plant may be damaged by very low temperatures. During hot and dry weather, the flower buds tend to open prematurely, reducing the quality of the edible portion. The best climate for the plant is a mild winter and a cool, moist summer.")

Just take the top one first then the others as they mature... I suspect your plants aren't very old, 'cause the fruit become larger and more prolific as the plant gets older...

Have a look at this site and scroll down to "Harvest"...


Here is a link that might be useful: Harvest

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Hi Shax
Thank you for the artichoke website. Certainly removed much of the mystery. Had not been able to find one as good as that myself.
Judging by the photos, I just may be in time to take the largest one (at the top - as you suggested).
Appreciate your help.

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How do I deal with/prevent earwigs,worms,etc from invading the artichokes and how can I rid them at harvest time?

Thanks for any info you may be able to share...

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