Success with Flannel Flower

oldnodAugust 6, 2014

Hi folks,thought I might pass on what I have learnt regarding The flannel Flower (actinotus helianthi) If someone is going to attempt growing them out of their usual territory. I am in SE Qld.

But I would like to refer you to an article an the web by Sonia Purcell. Gardens actinotus helianthi. Sonia covers it very well.

It has taken 3 years to reach the point you see in these photographs and if you have the correct soil mix and situation then seed direct into the garden.

I tried seeds in tubes in both Forrest sand and half and half, sand and quality potting mix. With the potting mix I was able to transfer the tube stock into a prepared garden and large pots without exposing the fine roots. With sand only it collapsed.

I think I can safely say if the soil collapses during transfer then discard that one.

As for soil composition the half potting mix is the better way. I have another garden where it is all forest sand, seeded direct and in 3 years the plants wouldn't be 12cm high.

Also once established I fed these plants with a weak mix of Seasol and now feeding with slow release granules.

It has been a slow process, a challenge but it looks like they are here to stay. Please ask if I have missed anything.


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Another photo

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And another

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Potted FF

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Looking good, Nod.

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