Pests on Callistemon

pennyw74August 15, 2014


My callistemon is being attacked by something - see photo below.

Could somebody please tell me what it is and how to treat it?



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Here is another photo - these pests are on all stems of the bush.

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Looks like the plant has an infestation of what is known as "soft" scale - a sap sucking pest which can disfigure leaves. It is usually found on both leaves and stems. Note that plants under some sort of stress are more prone to these pests particularly if they are growing in shade.

The recommended control these days is to use one of the "eco" oils or Pest Oil. Try one of those first after reading the manufacturers instructions. If that fails, I'd think about buying a systemic insecticide such as Confidor (spray or tablets) and giving that a go. Wouldn't hurt to give the plant a little fertilizer about now as well - something suitable for bottlebrushes.



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Thanks Ted.

I have put two Confidor tablets in a little while ago and put another two in last weekend.

It is in the shade through winter but it's never had this problem before.

Fingers crossed it can recover. It looks really sad and I thought Callistemons survived anything.

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Hi again Penny,

Callistemons are tough little fellas - if all else fails cut it back hard, feed it and water it well with a seaweed solution to stimulate root growth as the weather warms up. Don't know which part of the world you are at but around Sydney its been a testing few months for a lot of plants - your bottlebrush sounds like it could have used some more sunshine but that'll be on the way soon enough and hopefully that will help it along.


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Pennyw did you post this message also on 'Pest and Deseases' page?


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I'm in Sydney.

It was cut back hard last summer. Might have to do it again.

Yes, I did post in the other forum but it didn't look like anybody had been in there for months. That's why I tried here.

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Months! Ummm, must be my computer......or me!

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