Hymenosporum flavum

thefofAugust 9, 2014


When I put this in, I didn't do enough research. Durr!!

It is double trunked and about 6m tall. Over the years it has lost most of its lower branches to wind, so it now looks like 2 over-sized lollipops.

Does any one have experience of cutting these down? Will they shoot from dormant buds, on the trunk, or coppice from the base?



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Hi Fof

I had one of these years back and soon realised that it had plenty of epicormic buds along its stems and trunk. I pruned it well into the older wood and it regenerated reasonably quickly. I didn't get any coppicing at the base but I suspect if cut heavily enough that it might. It is known for being fire resistant or fire retardant so that would also make me think that it will coppice.

Anyway, I ended up getting rid of it in the end but loved it whilst I had it growing. I now have the dwarf version -- a much more bushy plant but doesn't flower as well as the parent.


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Thanks, Ted. That is exactly what I had hoped to hear.
As I said, it is double trunked, with the split point below ground level. I have often wondered if it was a single seedling or 2 together when I got it as tube stock.
Will wait a bit longer then I'll bring one down, very low and see if it coppices. Once I see what it is doing, I'll think about doing the other.

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