ID Chilli plant bug please

herfoDecember 16, 2013

First time poster here, need some help with bugs on an old hot chilli plant. This plant is 5 years old I believe, those bugs are only on the branches and stems only, any ideas? Thanks.

Edit: I can scrape them off the stem but they seem to embed themselves into the bark, so when I scrape them I also scrape off a bit of bark.

Additional pics.

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That's scale insect; a sap-sucking bug that is often 'farmed' by ants. If you check the truck or branches of the bush you'll probably find ants going up and down, they farm the scale for 'honey-dew'. White oil or a cocoction made from kitchen oil diluted with water will do the trick; it has the effect of clogging up their mouths. Also if there's ants you could try a ring of petroleum jelly around the lower part of the truck and that'll stop the ants travelling up and down. Personally I use a systemic spray on them but that isn't always effective.

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Thanks funnelweb, No I haven't seen any ants but I've only got this plant recently from my aunt who has just moved house. She dug up 4 big chillies so I got one. Since half of the roots are lost, I potted it up and pruned it down to 3 main branches with a few green laterals. It was then I discovered all green laterals got these little critters.

Can I scrape them off? or just leave them alone? not a big fan of spraying stuff.

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Well, if you've got the time and patience, just scape them off. Might be an on-going job though.

Merry Christmas to ya.

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