Sick Mango Tree?

Jascko(NSW Aust)December 8, 2001

My mango tree is sick! It is about 10 years old and about 6 metres high. It had a mass of flowers about 1 month ago but now all the leaves are turning brown and falling off. What could be happening? What can I do to save it?

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moreton(Bris. Qld. Aust)

Hi Jascko, sounds like it may have wet feet (to much water) from all those storms and wet weather you have been having and may be under attack by fungus around the butt of tree to wet/to much mulch to close to the trunk(collar rot).If it is the older leaves falling off they could have been attacked by white-fly in the autum/winter and are now just dropping.
Check the leaves a little closer and see if they have any unusual markings?
What we do after the fruit is finished (Jan/Feb) remove all the overripe fruit and then prune/shape/thin tree for next season a little fert and water (Apr/May)spray with wetable sulphur to stop white-fly attack and after flowering spray fort-nightly Mancozeb or similar till fruit is ripe.
Hope this is of some help. Good luck. Peter R.

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The bark of the mango tree is going all black and seems to be splitting in the middle.I have with the help of a knife removed all the black bark but on one branch part of the part of the branch is dead .At the same time I notice that there are holes that have been bored in the branch.There are at the moment some mangoes on the tree which are still small.Does someone have some idea at what is going on and please help.It would be greatly appreciated.Thank you Jacques

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flowerlady307(z7 Ga.)

my mango tree is small. grew it from seed this winter. its only about 10 inches high. it has healthy looking leaves on it but they are falling off. any idea why? they aren't yellow or turning brown or anything. all the bottom leaves fell off and i'm afraid the others will follow. help i don't want to lose this tree.

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Zyfert(NENSW Australia)

Mango tree problems: withered blackened young growth indicates the presence of tip borers. Spray with a systemic insecticide e.g. Rogor (full protection when spraying) and be sure to coat both sides of the leaves.
Anthracnose fungus causes black spotting on the leaves, flowers and fruit. Spray regularly (flowering to harvest) with Mancozeb. Root fungus or collar rot may be terminal but try a systemic fungicide e.g. Phosacid. Coat both sides of leaves. Do not water mango trees in the 3 months or so prior to flowering.

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I have a mallika mango tree planted 3 years ago. It should be blooming but it isn't. Leaves at the top of this tree are curling and turning brown. The leaves at the middle and bottom are OK.

Can you tell me what the problem is and how to treat it?


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I have a mango tree 12 years old. It's sick. It's full of mangos, but leaves are falling off. They turning yellow and then they fall off. In general the tree looks in not a good condition. What shoud I do to keep mangos.

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I too also ned help here. I have about 15 fully grown mango trees (Sunshine Coast Qld) where two have dropped all of their leaves for reasons unknown. Leaves dropped mid Spring at temperatures at approximately 25 deg Celsius. Nothing out of the normal in regards to soil, weather, etc. Other 13 trees still kicking along strongly and are in the same area. Leaves did not appear to be diseased, and tree trunk looks healthy. Do mango trees go through dormancy? Will leaves grow back? Or is a chain saw required?

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I have 10 year old tree about 12feet high. Every it fruits the fruit drops off when it grows to 1/2 the full grown size. Only 1/4 of the fruits survive after blooming.
Kindly advice what to do to my tree.

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I have a10 year old mango tree about 12 ft tall.Every it blooms the fruits becomes yellow and drop off. Sometimes the fruit grows half the the full size and drop off. Only 1/4 of fruits grows to full mature size.

Please give some advice and remady.

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Hi everyone,

I have full grown mango tree and the mangoes have grown but now some of them have dark-brown spots appearing...what should i do?


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my mango tree is 15 years old,its secreting oily kind of discharge on its bark & there is a white fungus on the leaves.
advice on the same.....

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my mango tree is about 15 years old. small mangoes are falling in large numbers. some of them are turning a bit yellowish. kindly advise.

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I bought a Julie mango tree and it was planted in our garden in 2007. It produced mangoes at just 12" high and they were so small. Pruned it and it is now 6ft tall and has produced flowers and a few small quarter inch mangoes that have blacked, withered and fallen off. I am SO upset.

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I have two mango trees! which appear healthy both about 10 years old and about 6 metres high. both have a mass of flowers in spring and look promising to bear a lot of fruit but they all then seem to burn and blacken and neither tree fruits at all for the last 5 years What could be happening? What do i need to do to obtain fruit?

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We've got a mango tree in the front yard, its a kensington pride, about 6 years old, over the last 2-3 years I have noticed its bark, right at the bottom has a lot of cracks, they start at the bottom going up almost 8 to 12 inches
now I can see cracks coming in the upper branch as well

is this normal or is it some disease

I do know that its had a fungal issue for which we are applying copper spray

what else do i need to do.

its not grown as i would expect a 6 year old to do, we do have a few other trees around it, in the same soil, which are doing very well - lemon, custard apple, guava, so just wondering why the mango isnt quite doing the same

thanks for all your inputs



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my mango tree is 4 years old i have noticed that it has crack on the bottom of the tree and, on another tree the crack is in the middle ...all leaves started turning brown. one has died i am trying to save the one which i have noticed has a crack in middle of the tree.

What should i do to save my mango tree from dying?

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