Maggots in Echium

ymfosterJune 11, 2009

My Echium Candicans (Pride of Madiera) had flies hanging around the new growth & has black gooey muck in the centre of new shoots, & on probing with a twig I found what looks like maggots buried in the stems !

Does anyone know of a similar problem & what I should spray with ?

Any help much appreciated,


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Hi Yvonne, I have just found the same in my Echium Candicans. Also small Beetles seen and small round holes in leaves. I have snapped some of the new growth off, which is where the infestation seems to be but very disappointing because this is where the flowers were developing.
Have you treated yours?

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I'm in Adelaide and I have the same thing on my echium. I had it last year as well. It rots the tips of the stems and they just break off easily, and the maggots are inside. I have tried Confidor and Pest Oil but as I only did it today I'll have to wait and see if either of them works. I couldn't find anyone who'd heard of it, and this is the first mention I've seen of it on the net, so I'd be really interested if anyone knows what it is and how to treat it!

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