The Banana Flower. Am I supposed to cut it off for fru

laura_the_housewifeSeptember 22, 2006

I have a banana tree growing wild in a creek down in the back yard. The kids love it and every year go down to check the 'harvest'. This yr I thought I might try to look after it and get some real edible bananas off it. Any help? Also - I heard some general gossip that I'm supposed to cut off the flower at some point so the fruit develop fully. I'd love some help with this one :))

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I don't think that's necessary.
Here's the DPI's site on banana cultivation tips

Here is a link that might be useful: banana cultivation in qld

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Thanks for that. I have gone through this site pretty thoroughly - but there is no mention of the flower, cut or otherwise. So I'm still wondering..... :(

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Some people think that the banana flower, or bell, should be cut off when the last row of bananas has formed. Apparently, the flower continues to use some of the nutrients that would otherwise be used to nourish the fruit. But many people don't bother, and some leave it on because the honey-eating birds like to feed from it.

I think whether the flower is left on or cut off is not that important. Probably leaving a lot of suckers on the plant would drain energy from fruit formation much more than any flower. Food, water, sunlight and protection from wind seem to be the main requirements for good fruit--and maybe a protective bag over the developing fruit.

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I have a large number of bananas here in Perth and get regular lady finger and Carnarvon large harvests - kids love it and people are amazed that we get them here (they feed off the warm shower and bath water - helps alot in winter). Cut off the flower head when the last hand has set - palms will only support so many hands, then the flower is just wasting nutrients. You can eat the infertile flowers inside the flower petals too. from the growth of the new sucker till the bananas are ready to harvest can be up to 2 years - don't pick the hands till the bananas are rounded out and yellowing. you can finish ripening them in a bag with an apple. Go for it! We have pawpaw, mango, etc here too - all great.

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