Jacaranda care

Ian_DSeptember 13, 2005

Hi, I have a Jacaranda tree that I planted 3 years ago it is 1.6 metres high and now "Spring" it's leaves are turning brown at the tips and when pulled ever so lightly the branch falls from the trunk. It is planted in poor rocky soil and is about 200 metres from the water, protected by other trees (Gums),we have no town water and we water the tree when ever we can.

Is there anything that I can do to save and nurture this tree?

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It's perfectly normal at this time of year, especially when grown in the cooler parts of its climatic range, e.g. on the Blue Mountains escarpment where I see a lot of them. Jacaranda is a dry-season-deciduous tree, which translates in our climate to losing its leaves in early spring and getting them back at the start of summer, in the middle of their flowering period.

The 'branch' that you say falls from the trunk is actually the rhachis of the bipinnate leaf.

You can tell when a branch is dying or merely becoming leafless by digging into its bark with your fingernail to see if it is alive and sappy below the surface.

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