Big yellow furry bugs? HELP

daisy81February 15, 2005

My cucumbers have finished, and when I went to pull them out I noticed there was big furry yellow bugs eating the leaves. They left the leaves looking like they were lace work.

Are these bad, so I can go on a squashing patrol or are they the larve of a friendly 'pest'? I have noticed a few 28 spotted ladybirds (they got squashed) and we had heaps of the good yellow powdery mildew eating variety too.

Any advice is welcome

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Daisy I think you may find the furry yellow bugs are the larvae of those leaf-eating lady-birds. They come from "no-where" here and decimate the brugmansias but their other preferred foods are all curcurbits including pumpkins zucchini and rockmelons. The bot name is Henosepilachna.
I guess everything has its place but, er, squish.

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