Lemon has lost its leaves???

antesoo(Victoria,Aust.)July 30, 2005

Hi Folks, well I am truly paying for my trip to China! My poor lemon tree has lost all its leaves...does anyone know if this is normal for a two year old tree? It had some lemons on it which I picked to make marmalade but though the wood looks healthy there is no sign of any leaves at all.Do I need to buy another one?

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It's not normal for a lemon tree to lose all its leaves. If you've had drought conditions in your area, it may well be one very thirsty plant. Water it thoroughly. Also, I've had grasshoppers strip all the leaves off my orange tree. Grasshoppers and drought seem to go together. I'd give your tree a bit of a prune, a lot of water, and now it's almost springtime, a good feed of citrus food and/or chook poo, and sit back and wait. It should come back.

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pepino(Werribee Vic)

Soo, after you give it a good soaking put a good layer of mulch around it. Do not put the mulch right up to the trunk, but a good layer of about 4 inches depth all around will help retain moisture. Most roots on citrus are fine and grow at the surface. Some Thrive fertiliser and well composted chook poo will also help.

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