Can you grow day lilys and Gladioli from seeds.

mistymornDecember 7, 2004

I have noticed a lot of my daylily stems have these big seed pods on them

Can I harvest and plant them later, do I let them dry on the stems

also notice when I pulled a dead flower from a Glady that they have seed pods there too

They are in a vase, can I plant them too those seeds or do I need

to leave the flower stalk on the plant and harvest the seeds later,

and when would be the best time to plant them if you can.


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Dayliles most definitely!! Even down here I have grown from seed. Not all the seedlings survived, but that's my soil and wind as much as anything. Gladioli I think some because I've seen seed offered on the Australian Bulb site.

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Thanks very so much annabel, what a wonderful way to
increase my lilys, and I will give the Gladioli seeds a go
too that will be fantastic if they germinate.


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You will find that your daylily seedlings probably won't be like the parent plant. But you might produce something spectacular and new.

I have quite a few daylilies - some never produce seed.

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Thats great I have seed pods galore. Do they take a long time to flower? Do I let them dry out in the garden and then pick the seed pods or should I just let nature take its course and drop themselves?

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That will be great Wombat, as I only have six types at present so different
colours will be a Bonus. .....MM

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I have only recently been bitten by the daylily bug and in just a short period I have acquired 25, some named and some unnamed. I'm amazed at the vast number of daylilies available, one nursery offers over 800!

Sounds fascinating growing them from seed and once mine become more established I'll give it a go.

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You need to let your daylily seeds ripen on the plant. Keep an eye out for the pods beginning to split, and then they can be harvested.

Pop them in a paper bag or envelope in the fridge for 6 weeks, and then either direct sow them into pots or the garden where they are to grow, or for better germination, put them into a ziplock bag with BARELY damp peat moss in a warm spot, away from direct sun ( on top of the fridge works well).

Keep an eye on them, and as they start to germinate, gently remove them and carefully plant them, just barely covering. Then just seal up your bag again with the remaining ungerminated seeds and return them to their warm spot.

I put them into tubes - they're not there for long, and I don't know if this step is really necessary, but for the extra step in potting, it reduces the risk of the baby plants rotting.

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Thanks for all that info, that was what I really wanted I had a look yesterday at them ( between showers ) and there are lots more pods from different colours, will they ripen in this weather, anyway I will have a go. Cheers.....MM.

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How long do they take to flower? Do they flower the following year?

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Yes to both. Daylilies can bloom in the very next year, but usually take 2 years. Glads would take longer I would think. Perhpas 3 years, for the corm to reach flowering size, maybe more.

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I have just purchased some day-lily seed, the grower's advice re the baggie method was the same as Liatris and I had a few germinate within days and the rest following suit at an alarming (but satisfying) rate. Wish I'd read this thread before but by coincidence I also used tubes and have put them in a styrene box in filtered light until I see some leaves. Very exciting, and I'd like to know how MM's went?

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Hi Alison my Day Lily seeds went really well five out of six, they all came up but a Ibis got into them.
I did the above six weeks in the fridge then planted them all in to the one pot on Feb 27.......MM

This is them today.

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Lovely. And being a sticky-beack, I notice the frangis in the background so there is going to be a lovely perfumed forest of those?

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I will not be smelling them Alison I have seven now thats enough.
I just grow them and give them away the Franipani are all going down to Melbourne
In four weeks and are free to anyone that wants them. Just hope they survive......MM

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