Robinia's - are they really that bad ?

Karen_PerthApril 16, 2004

I was recommended a Robinia by a NSW relative who admired them for their beauty and they are very common as a street tree in Sydney. so I bought and planted 3 Frisias and then heard about their suckering tendancy. are they really that bad ? they have been in the ground 3-4 years now and haven't suckered yet. Should i cut my losses and get rid of them now before they get any bigger?

Dilemma - they are so pretty.


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No, don't cut them! The Robinas that sucker are the non-grafted ones. Trees you buy from the nusery will be grafted onto non-suckering rootstock.


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really ? that would be wonderful. i guess i could check with the nursery where i bought them. i didn't there was such a thing as non-suckering grafted robinia's. i thought they still suckered, even when grafted, although not so badly.

here's hoping. thanks for your advice


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Well, no Robin! I speak from experience I have a pink flowering robinia, grafted and it does sucker. I do not disturb roots in my garden, however, my neighbour who diggs from time to time gets my suckers. Poor man he thinks it is the birds.

And, no do not get rid of them, because when you do you will have a whole forest of them. My daughter cut hers down, she is still running aroung her backyard with roundup.

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Karen I think Robinias are the worst thing. I planted two Mop Tops about 4 years ago (grafted onto long standard). I was extremely careful about not digging around them but had to stake them in the early stages and that must have done it! Babies are sprouting up to 10 metres away. I can see that if you decide to cut them down they will go crazy as that happened to a friend of mine with Frisia (golden leaves)? Mine our coming out but I think I will tackle them with blackberry killer or something similar, then chop. There may be a substitute with the golden leaves at that someone in WA stocks but I'm going back to Silver Birch which was my original idea.
Good luck Rose

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There have been a few other topics on here about Robinias suckering. If you do a search on this site for Robinia, it should come up.

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Thank you for your advice. Summary seems to indicate if they are grafted from nursery stock and if you do not dig around roots they are unlikely to succker.

I suspect in my case that our trees were cut because they (1) dropped leaves and (2) blocked someone's view.

The next step is to mount a case for suitable replacement.

Please spare me from philistines!

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It was interesting reading the posts on Robinia's. We bought one because they are beautiful in colour and shape and we figured if, when we finally plant it, there are suckers we could just mow them down! Our land isn't registered yet after two years so I guess we still have time to change our mind as to whether to plant it or not. At the moment it is about a metre tall with new leaves at the top and bottom but we have this huge gap on the trunk with nothing sprouting. Does anyone know if there could be something wrong with it. We have repotted the Robinia twice already to stop it getting pot bound.

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Well Robinia is a plant that loves Water, And must be kept moist all year round. and yes it can and will sucker, Sucksers must be removed from the roots, not cut off at ground level. Never plant near pipesA Rowen is a nicer Tree or a read pear for mine.

regads old Fred.

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