Pool side screen

devonskiesApril 6, 2014

We share a boarder with a small auto repair shop that runs on the other side of the fence behind the pool. I would like to put in a denser taller natural screen behind the pool to help filter any pollution coming from neighbour.

The pool is irregular in shape and I have between 1 and 2 meters clearance from the pool and fence. At the moment there is a small native tree (maybe a lilly pilly) and a lime tree growing in that space but neither are dense.

Help would be so much appreciated.

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devonskies, if you could post a photo of the site would be helpful.

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Hey D., I took a picture today of what I use behind my pool. I don't have an auto repair shop next door and privacy isn't really a problem without the bushes but I thought they'd give a nice effect to the pool. The plants are Loropetalum - now in flower -, thunbergia vogilliana 'Tru-Blu' and Breynia nervosa or 'Confetti bush'. The trio is repeated on the other side of the lamp post and seat (just visible). I trim them to about 2 metres or a bit more once or twice a year. The effect is dense.

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That's beautiful, Bill. You really do have an eye for design (and skill with the seccateurs!).
Devon I was also thinking maybe a trellis of "star jasmine" - Trachelospermum jasminoides - in fact if there is a way to increase the fence height with a trellis (and the neighbour is agreeable and that doesn't require council approval) then there are a number of climbers that could fill in the gaps while something like star jasmine was establishing. It can be clipped, is quite dense and has the advantage of a sweet flowering.

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Thank you Alison, actually the loropetalum at this stage of its maturity is looking absolutely gorgeus and is attracting comment from occasional visitors. Here's a glimpse of it from the other side, next to the flowering thunbergia. By the way, it's more the shears than the seccateurs.

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