Why is my lavender going yellow?

Emma_LFebruary 19, 2005

I am fairly new to gardening and need some advice.

About 2 years ago, I planted a row of lavender and they have flourished. They have finished flowering and beeing very busy I have only just managed to trim them back. However, I have noticed that the leaves have started to turn yellow.

Is this because I have been late in cutting them back, or could there be something else wrong?

Any advice would be appreciated.

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It is not because you cut them back - I have cut them at all times of the year and they don't go yellow. Sounds like a soil deficiency or an over supply of fertilizer? Too acid or too alkaline - do a search on google and see what comes up.


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It would be too acid, lavenders love lime.

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sounds to me like excessive amounts of water in the root zone.cut back all of the foliage and refrain from watering until you see the regrowth appear. lavender also is infected by two different types of fungi each attacking either the upper or lower leaf surface. if some of the growth has a smoky appearance prior to turning yellow it is propably a fungal problem. in both cases cut back the plant,remove watering and spray with a fungicide.this is a common problem especially during wet /humid weather when you have a lot of trapped humidity from the moist soil around the plants foliage.you may also try removing alternate bushes in the row to assist in aeration.

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