Grevilea Lyrebird death and rebirth pt1

silvermeddleJanuary 20, 2014

Hi There
I like to buy cheap plants on my meager plant budget when I can, so I sometimes look at the plants in the dead and dying section from one of those large warehouse retailing centres you know Dummings or Basters you know who I mean. So I saw this weedy mealy bug ridden plant going for a couple of bucks,and after looking at the back of the label this product this plant looked promising. So I didnt think that it would grow too large.....You know shrub many months later well maybe 12 months later, this grevillia with a beautiful weeping habit with large yellow flowers somehow amazingly it outgrew its spot rather quickly, instead of being the 1-2 metre shrub, I had a 2 metre weeping monster, So I bit the bullet, and moved it and it died..a rather quick death .......shocking yes I know....... Now for the good news, I had harvested the seeds some moons ago and 2 weeks ago while starting my next propagation project, I stumbled on this pack. Hmmmm super good news, I have seedling and hopefully the progeny of lyrebird will be continuing on..... will try post once a week the progress, if all goes well,

so here are the baby lyrebirds


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Well, there you go, generally natives don't like being dug up a transplanted so be careful to disturb the roots of your seedlings as little as possible when planting them out. Looks like they're fairly large pots you've got them in, especially those 12!


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so far so good all have survived

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So far so good have lost a couple of slow growers but am now attempting to train these guys to grow straight before they start to weep

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Seem to be thriving, Silverm! Mind you, given that the seeds might have been propagated by bees visiting different varieties, you can't be sure that the offspring will be the gorgeous thing you're hoping it will be - you'll simply have to wait and see what develops. Might be something entirely new and equally fantastic. Be interesting to see what what happens.

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From one batch of seeds, there appears to be quite a difference in the size if the foliage from the seedling

One extreme is the seedling with the thickest leaf
is this one

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and the seedling with the finest foliage

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This one grew sideways

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Coming along nicely, Silver..... . No buds yet? They all look healthy enough.

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Great job of propagating from seed!

As Grev. Lyrebird is itself a hybrid (one parent G. hookeriana, the other unknown), chances are your seedlings could become anything. And as said by funnelweb, your original plant could also have been pollinated by some other grevillea, so who knows what you'll have?

But if you have room to plant them all out, you could get a few wonderful surprises...

I never met a grevillea I didn't like.

Here is a link that might be useful: Grevillea Lyrebird Story

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