Everything's bolting

corpusDecember 17, 2013

Hello everyone,

Is it just me or are any of you finding that their veggies are bolting a lot sooner than they should be? Whether this is has been your experience too or not, what might the reason be? Any thoughts?



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My sister lives in Melbourne and has mentioned the same thing. It seems to be the erratic weather that does it. Plants get signals from the weather as to what they need to do next. Sometimes these signals come mixed.

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I've got beans and tomatoes in and my wife has her herbs and other bits here and there and everything is reaching fruiting and time for picking as expected. I live near Tweed Heads, NSW. By the way, I could use a bloody lot more rain than is happening this year.

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g'day corpus,

what are you growing?

summer plants will be fine, brassicas and lettuce won't they are cool months plants.

we just harvested our corn, zucchini. tom's, chillies, snake beans doing well, the vines are growing well and fruiting.


Here is a link that might be useful: lens garden page

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Thanks everyone. Well, Len, for example parsley has gone to seed far sooner than they should have. Same with silver beet.


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