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Josephine11August 13, 2014

Hi all, My daughter is getting married next April (8 mths away). Any ideas of what I could plant in between these 2 Viburnums? Would like to fill the gap. I have a climber going on the lattice you can see in the pic. Sandy soil and must take the hot sun for at least a few hours. Would like something that flowers if possible but not a must. A feature type plant would be great but want it to look like it belongs between the Viburnums if you know what I mean. Thanks all:)

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Have you considered a climbing rose? I think 'Super Dorothy' would look good there. Super Dorothy is an improvement on the old Dorothy Perkins - it's not as rampant and is repeat flowering (clusters of pink, full flowers) and would hide the lattice and the back of that garden shed nicely I think. And it's tough. You could also consider climbing Dublin Bay, a moderate climber and according to Botannicas Pocket Roses, one of the best red climbers available.

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Hi funnelweb, Thanks for the great climber idea - never thought of a rose. Aside from the climber on the lattice I also want a shrub or something that will suit sitting between the viburnums in the pic. Gap is 2.2m coming out from the fence to the lawn and 2m between the viburnums. Needs to grow fast too.

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I'm sorry as I am ALL the way over here and you are ALL the way over there, what might "do" for me might not for you.
I saw your other pics and hibiscus seem OK for you- what about the double white form of Hibiscus syraceaus?
White Buddleia
Echium virescens?
Or as a cheat, grow up some floriferous annuals in pots elsewhere and drop them in the spot - cleome, queen anne's lace... you can probably go look for others.

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There is that yellow flowering daisy-like bush, Eureops chrisanthemoides I thinks it's called; it's tough, drought resistant, hardy and pretty well always in flower. Should contrast well in the spot, grows to about a metre with a metre spread and is perennial. Definitely worth a try.

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Thanks so much for all the ideas, definitely a few good options there - now to decide!! I'll post a pic once I've filled the spot.

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