Confusion with cutting back Raspberries.

JequilaJuly 18, 2014

I've googled how and when to prune Raspberries, and I'm a bit confused. Some websites say cut the whole thing down (even mow over it) after it's fruited. Others say the fruit comes on 2 year old canes, so only cut down the ones you know have fruited already.
I have a very sad looking "Rubus Heritage" in a pot on my balcony. I've put off cutting it back because I don't know what to do, and now I figure I should really do something before spring hits. Do I cut it all back? Is it too late?

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My father used to grow raspberries but I don't know which variety. He used to cut them back after the growing season. I don't remember him leaving any of the old canes. We always had a lot of fruit from them. But if you're going to cut yours back better to do it sooner than later. The plants will start sending nutrients up into the canes and you don't want to cut that off and waste it.

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There were a few varieties of Raspberries for sale at the recent show at Nambour. So there are suppliers who could answer your questions I am sure.


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I tried 'em but my winters aren't cold enough for 'em to set fruit. So I gave up.

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I'm still not sure what to do, so I just cut back some scraggly looking bits and took all the dead leaves off to improve air circulation. I'm not sure if they're all dying because it's winter or because of something else?

Anyone who knows what they're doing is very welcome to give advice!

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There are 2 distinct kinds of raspberries...Summer fruiting ones and Autumn fruiting. With the Summer ones, you need to keep some canes when pruning, but the Autumn ones you don't!

As your "Heritage" variety is an Autumn fruiter, you should cut it ALL right back to the ground at the end of Winter.

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