funnelweb(NSW Aust)April 10, 2014

Given that this page has been a bit inactive lately, I thought I might as well stick in this banksia which I think is B. Marginata but I've lost the label. I also took this one today.


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inga007(Ont. 6a)

I come here to look every day.
Glad I did.
We are still a little coo,l this spring, but saw the first primula and snowdrop, yesterday..

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Gee, funnelweb, you call THAT a Banksia? :>;

This is one outside my front door in frosty Mudgee. The common B. integrifolia, but a long way from its natural coastal habitat. I love that it carries flowers in every stage of their lives, from just opening, through to the older seed cones...

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funnelweb(NSW Aust)

I think you've missed the point, shax...., my purpose, as always, is to portray the delicacy, intricacy and fleeting beauty of the inflorescence of Australian native flora; not the often untidy, ramshackle sprawl particularly reminiscent of many banksias. To further emphasise my point I'll include here one I showed a year or so ago on this page: B. coccinea. I was lucky with this one, I got 5 years out of the plant. Now while the bush (small tree) is not so visually attractive, the leaves are. Experts'll tell you it is virtually impossible to grow in the Eastern states. I grew it just west of Tweed Heads, NSW.

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