Medinilla cuttings?

josiegirlJanuary 24, 2004

Hi all, is it possible to strike cuttings from a medinilla and if so, how to go about it? It's flowering at the moment.

Many thanks for any advice,


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Don't see why not. Take a softwood cutting (new growth that has begun to firm up) with a cut just below a leaf node ensuring that you have enough so that you'll have at least three or four leaf nodes after the tip (too soft and green) has been removed. The overall length of the final cutting should be between 4 and 6 inches (10 to 15cm)Actually take several such cuttings. Make sure your secateurs are sharp and clean. Remove flowers and most of the leaves so that the poor thing doesn't have to work too hard. I smear a little honey on the lower bit as it has antifungal properties. Stick the cuttings into propagating mix (actually I use cacti and succulent mix). Keep moist but not wet out of direct sun. In summer, I put my cutting in hanging pots in the Frangipani tree. Keeps them well shaded and it always seems a little more humid there than elsewhere in the garden.
Hope this rather wordy post has been of some help.

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Thanks for your reply Raymondo, I rather prefer wordy posts :)

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I saw this plant for the first time recently growing in the car park of a bayside nursery.It looked awesome ,it was huge,growing in an old tree stump.Have you found it an easy plant to grow?,how thirsty is it?

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They are very easy to grow in a semi shaded garden position and as for water mine get watered once a week (If they are lucky).

I find that they are easy to propagate by layering or marcotting.


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Its a native of the Philappiens and grows naturally in hollow logs there up to about 10 feet usually.
I picked up one and planted it in a log over a year ago and its doing great

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Seed also. After flowering, take the plumpest and most purple berries and squeeze out the contents - lots of fine seed that will germinate if you have the patience (I didn't quite make it LOL)

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There are several spp. in cultivation here in Qld. now .
a lovely dwarf one is my favourite . saw boxes of cutings being struck at a mates place .

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I purchased a medinilla from our local Bunnings,Gosford. They didn't know what it was. The plant flowered in June and has survived the winter with no ill effect. I am interested to learn that the plant is an epiphyte as I grow Cattleya and other orchids on the tree ferns in my garden.
I must try to take a cutting and grow it in an old tree stump or similar.

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Although some of them are epiphytes, they don't take too well to hot and dry conditions. They are mountain plants that grow in constant cool and moist conditions (M magnifica)

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I have heard of using honey before for its antifungal properties. Does it really work?

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The old King Country Nursery at Thornlands has reopened and are looking to get rid of lots of old stock. They have lots of medinillas in pots, healthy looking for approx $5 or less.
I have bought a few myself.

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josiegirl,as yours is flowering and in the brisbane climate, can you advise your plants situation. mine's still in a pot and NOT flowering. i didnt plant it out because i thought the winter nights might be too cold outdoors,and moved it under shelter over winter, but am thinking to give planting a try.i've had it 2 years.-florial

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I have an article in dutch but I have two pictures of a cutting. Cuttings are very easy.

Here is a link that might be useful: Medinilla magnifica

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where in sydney can you get medinellas

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do they require a tropical climate or a cool. would love to try in adelaid. temperate climate, or would they grow in a glass house.

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How to make a new plant of medinilla

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