Best smelling perfumed flower

anthirum(TropicalFNQ)April 10, 2005

Hows this for a debate...the best smelling perfumed flower. Well, I've always been of the opinion that frangipanis and hedychiums (Hawaiian giners) were the best smelling Im not so sure. Although Ive always preferred tropicals, I think I have to admit the most frangrant flower Ive ever smelt is the cold-climate Lily of the Valley (never thought Id like cool climate plants, but there you go!). This flower really smells like perfume, even nicer than any jasmin or stephanotis. Oh dear. What is your favourite frangrant flower?

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annabel__WA(z3 W Australia)

There are so many but I think I'll settle for the gorgeous clove perfumed carnations and pinks. I have some trailing ones in baskets on the patio aand always some in flower. Gorgeous.

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Hi Anthirum,
Alocasia brisbanensis (elephant ear or cunjevoi) has a wonderful perfume.
I also love the smell of the brown native boronia, lily-of-the-valley and violets.
There are so many wonderful rose perfumes out there but I think my absolute favourite is Daphne's the best!
I bet I'll think of a dozen more later!!

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ashmeri(Cent. Qld.Aust.)

In my garden it is the Frangipanni
But I remember the Lilacs that my Grandmother grew in Melbourne with much pleasure, wish I could grow one up here.

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Osmanthus fragrans - sweet olive

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Daphne I used to have one near my front door when I lived in Melbourne and Roses

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Anna_B(Sydney, NSW)

I think I would have to agree with Amelia...the Osmanthus would be my favourite. I have two growing, one at the front and one in the backyard. I love them because their perfume is beautiful and subtle.

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ginnybee(NSW Aust)

All of the above but also Freezias, petunia's, perrenial Nicotianna, stock, I could go on with lots more I'm sure but I will wait & see what other's think

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Bryan_FGS(W Sydney)

Osmanthus for me too. Beautiful fragrance, but can be a really ugly plant.

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How could I forget freezias!!!! I love them.

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Sparaxis(Vic Aust)

Iris graminea - absolutely gorgeous. It is called the "Plum tart" iris because of the scent. Of course you have to find one around to sniff. After that - Lily of the Valley.

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Beebs(QLD Aust)

I love alyssum cos it reminds me of my granny :-)

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meryl2(Sydney/Blue Mts)

For quality, I'd have to agree on lily-of-the-valley and daphne, closely followed by sweet peas.
But for sheer hit-'em-between-the-eyes, knock-down perfume (better plant it well away from the house; we're not talking subtlety here) I can't do without the occasional hit of cestrum nocturnum (night-scented jessamine)

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Woodlands(SE Qld)

I have so many favourites. Agree with the above and would like to add wisteria, murraya, tuberose, gardenia, orchids, michellia, citrus, lavender. But the one I could not live without is heliotrope (cherry pie) because it just flowers all year round.


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There's nothing like the heady, sweet scent of dozens of Trichocereus flowers open on a summers night.

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marion_c(Lower NI, NZ)

Speaking of night scented jasmine I planted one two years ago - it has masses of flowers but no scent whatsoever - did I get a dud or is it just not warm enough in Wellington?

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meryl2(Sydney/Blue Mts)

Not sure if we are talking about the same thing - cestrum's common name is jessamine, not jasmine. Is it a really ugly, brittle, tangly bush with completely unremarkable small cream flowers, followed by black berries? If it is (and that's what it should look like; improve it by training it to a single tall trunk and an umbrella shape), it won't have any scent at all by day but should blow you away as soon as it gets dark. If it has no scent at night when flowering but looks like this, it may be a weedy poisonous relative. Check by breaking a stem. The weedy one gives off an unpleasant smell.

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Scorpion(W.A. Aust)

Hymenosporum (native frangipani) does it for me plus Liliums, and most of the above. Some I don't know.
I would love to have a Daphne because it reminds me of a very dear old lady who is no longer with us, but I keep killing mine off. That's the Daphne I keep killing off not little old ladies!

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its interesting how every smell brings back memories of something for alot of what do flower smells remind you of?
For me, I live in a warm climate so rarely get to smell Jasmin polyanthum or wisteria. But when I do, it reminds me of when I was in school and how I knew warm weather was around the corner when they flowered. Chinese star jasmine reminds me of my grandma, who grew alot of it.

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Granville44(West Australia)

Freesias - they grow in batches in the paddocks down the valley and the smell wafts on the breeze intermittently so I run around like some sort of demented chook trying to catch the wafts of perfume. (I do the same with the mobile phone up here - great exercise!)

Thought I'd love the smell of gardenias and put one in - actually find the smell headache-inducing but obviously I'm a bit odd because everyone else seems to love it.

All the others mentioned are gorgeous - but have to add that the HT Mr Lincoln is a stunning perfume too.


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yesterday, today and tomorrow (brunfelsia)

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Yes love the Brunfelsias - I have two new all white forms that are very heady stuff at night. Moonflower vine. Night-flowering epiphyllum. Cestrum is wonderful if a bit head-ache producing. Citrus flowers. Perfumed vireya rhododendens.

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marrion(TAS Aust)

Lilac for me, closely followed by Daphne, Boronia and Osmanthus. As I type each one, another one springs to mind - Sweet Peas, Stocks..........I love 'em all

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tsunami2(z9 NSW Aust)

ginnybee you mentioned petunias ??
i've never encountered a petunia that had fragrance...
or did you miss-name a plant??

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I guess roses don't get a look in here But I do like the smell of my roses as I do have lots of them I do have some jasmine also and yesterday and today.
Yep all good .....garden_weorm

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goldhills(via Gympie, Qld)

All of the above but for something different - port wine magnolia - if you like juicy fruit chewing gum :) also an inconspicuous shrub with a very tiny white flower (about 1-2mm across) but can't remember its name, the perfume isn't strong but smells beautiful.

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Footfullofbindis(Qld Aust)

I love all of the one that people have mentioned but my all time favourite is an acacia that grew on my nature strip in Darwin. I cant remember the name but it was completly unremarkable looking shrub - but when it flowered!!!! People would stop as they walked past searching for the source of the fragrance expecting it to come from some showy tropical bloom - and it was skanky old wattle.... really smelt like exotic spicy musky wondrousness. I also like the hedychium gingers and certain orchids have perfumes so good you have to stop yourself from eating them....
I have smelt daphne on trips to southern climes and it reminds me of froot loops - had to stop myself from wanting to eat that one too!!!!
Did anyone realise that there is a cycad (I think it is circinalis) that seems to exude the most mysterious scent - I never had any desire to eat it but it sure filled the night air....

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cranethie2(Melbourne Aust)

I have a great big spreading monster flowering in my garden at the moment which to me has the most exquisite perfume.

It is the Philadlphus - Mock Orange - and when its creamy white flowers open on the long branches I know Spring has really arrived.

A few pieces in a vase and the house smells great.


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Robert_NSW(NSW Aust)

I have a number of scented plants. Michelia champaca is a beauty and I am told it is the scent used in the famous perfume 'Joy'. I also have a variety of Brugmansias (Datura) they are wonderful at night. I grow Cestrum nocturnum as well and cut it back when its scent gets too strong. I have some small Rothmania globosa plants and am waiting to see how they smell.
In addition I am growing lots of different native scented plants. Oh and there is also Osmanthus fragrans and Magnolia 'Coco'. I could go on but.........

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lakota(SW West Aust)

Citrus blossom is just heavenly, some wisterias have amazing scent, daphne, frangipani and gardenia go without saying, magnolias smell lovely and even the double prarie crab has a delicate scent similar to violets. Then there's scented foliage too. I just loooooooooooove scented plants.
Cheers, Jules

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Gardenia and mine is a giant and it flowers 10 months of the year!

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Trachelospermum jasminoides, is wafting into my bedroom, as we speak, its heavenly, its summer, its just lovely.

Funny how smells take us to places, just like songs.

So much beauty in the world, such a lovely country.

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venice(NSW Aust)

Mine is, perhaps, the snail-creeper....heavenly!
Followed closely by the 'juicy-fruit' magnolia - I can smell that 10 paces away.
Daphne is lovely but a bit too 'heady'.

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Jamus_S(SA Australia)

Obscure one, but we have a hanging basket of Senecio rowleyanus outside our front door, just as a curiosity. The beautiful (although tiny) flowers have a perfume which is exquisite, like citrusy, clovey almost pomander like perfume but more complex, especially at night.
Check this out if you love scented plants.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I find in temperate areas a Viburnum carlesii or hybrid are fragrant like Daphne but a lot easier to grow. For tropical plants you can't beat Stanhopea oculata. This orchid has a vanilla like fragrance that's unforgettable.

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Hi i am in subtropical area, so i found a sort of flower only come out of fragance during nite time. It is a very nice heart shaped dense green leaves. You can also eat this plant-new, young leaves & flowers/buds can be eaten fresh (in a salad) or flowers & buds can be battered & fried. The heavy, rich fragrance permeates the yard and is wonderful. The name is Telosma Codata, also named Chinese Violet.

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Lily of the valley is my favourite flower and has an amazing scent which is probably why i guess it's scent is included in most perfumes that are made. Although there are two david austin roses that are a favourite of mine. Jude the obscure rose has a wonderful scent, it smells like lychees and sparkling lemonade all in one. I have 7 of these rose plants outside my living room window and the semll is amazing. It is so strong and when i smell them it is the closest i have ever come to actually wanting to eat a flower. I can smell these plants before i am even at my house they are so strong smelling and i always get complements about them. The second rose i love is Gertrude Jeckyll, it has a more trditional rose scent and smell like how most would imagine a rose to smell. It too along with jude the obscure is very strong smelling and both are a real delight to smell on a hot summers day.

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On holiday in Greece, I came across the most amazing scents ever. One is called 'night flower' and it gives out a mesmerising scent at night. Another one, the locals call 'fouli' a small double creamy white flower similar to a cherry blossom. The scent is just heavenly.

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vss2(S.E.Qld. Aus.)

My favourite is Heliotrope 'cherrypie' next comes Osmathus. I have cestrum nocturnum that lulls me to sleep at night & port wine magnolia sends it perfume thru the whole garden when in flower. Sadly I lost my cherry pie recently & my osmanthus when I had masonry done in my garden & I don;t seem to be able to buy either here. If anyone can tell me where I can buy them or if I could get cuttings from a garden lover, that would be great.

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weeddummie(ACT Aust)

Not too late to join I suppose! I love natives and have Goodenia macmillanii which is flowering at the moment and has beautiful strong fragrance!

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The Osmanthus fragrans-Tea olive/Lonicera fragantissima-Breath of spring/ Calycathus- Carolina Allspice, sweet shrub/
Carolina Jasmine(Yellow)/Gardenia/ Lily of the Vally/Daphne.
There are many more, but this is the best.
Tsunami2, the old Fashion petunia do have fragrance & seeds too. The new ones (hybrid)do not have smell or seeds.

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All of those are wonderful! When I was little I remember my grandmother's stocks (very old fashioned but pretty) and carnations. And I still love the smell of petunias in the evening, great in a patio basket. Lilacs should be very soon, I can't wait! If only I could grow plumeria in my garden, I would be in Heaven!! Course, the hubby would sneeze his head off, but however!!!! :)

    Bookmark   April 28, 2011 at 5:48PM
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