Bleeding Heart Vine location

monarolsJanuary 7, 2014

Hello all,
I have a bleeding heart vine which I purchased about 6 weeks ago, and it doesn't seem to be doing well. Its planted at the bottom of the trellice, and I had high hopes of it eventually climbing up it. The area in question gets very hot as its enclosed by high walls on 3 sides, but despite its openness, all along the bottom of the chocolate wall is permanently in the shade.

I also want to cover that rusty hideous clothes line, so yesterday I put 2 planter boxes up there, but was looking at suggestions of what to put in the to cover it up. I had envisioned some colourful trailing plants, that have nice flowers that flower every year and can stand hot ambient temps, but virtually in shade all day.

I'm not much of a Gardener as this is the first attempt at creating one :-) Any suggestions for the planter boxes would be appreciated.

Thanks Chris Morgan

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If it's pretty hot where you are then most plants you put in that corner will simply burn; very narrow soil area bordered by concrete and a cream brick wall and not much air circulation. Really, I reckon on a hot, sunny day you could add perhaps another 10 to 20 degrees at ground level in that spot. The bleeding heart vine (Clerodendon thomsonii) is fairly hardy in warm sub-tropical to tropical climates and likes plenty of water in summer. Any reasonable garden soil will suit. I doubt you'll ever have much luck with one in that corner though. Something tougher might be more appropriate such as of the Agave or cactus families. You could also consider trying one the hardier Mandevilles or allamandas, might be worth a try.


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Oh, didn't see this photo before I responded to the other post. FW is right, that's an awfully hard spot for any plant to thrive in.
Can I ask a few other questions, please.
Are you renting or have you bought?
Which direction are we facing when looking at that brick wall.
How high is that brick wall and what's on the other side of it and do you own/rent whatever is beyond the brick wall.
What's the wall on the left- house/garage or whatever?
Where's your water tap located (I see a hose there)

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