My sad bleeding heart vine

monarolsJanuary 7, 2014

Hi all. I bought this Bleeding heart Vine plant from a well known nursery about 6 weeks ago. Despite being full price, it was the best of a bad bunch, in that they all looked liked they had been eaten. Being attracted to the plant, I asked if it would grow in shade, and according to the sales lady, she said it would. Its been in the ground about a month, has had red and off white flowers on it, but it doesn't seem to be growing and the chomp marks seem to be getting worse. So to my question, is it not growing because the poor thing is being eaten alive? or is it because of its location? or am I being impatient?

I will post another pic of where it is in my (developing) garden in a post above as I had another question :-) Thanks for any help!

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funnelweb(NSW Aust)

See the second posting. The spot there also looks pretty dry and sandy. You might think about adding a goodly amount of compost to it as well as some moisture retaining crystals.


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Thanks for the reply B and sorry for the late reply. Yes I will invest in some good soil, at least it will have a chance. I really just wanted to know what might be eating it. I get catapillars in August/September as they eat another one of my other plants, but this vine wasnt even in my garden then, lol

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I wouldn't expect much growth as it's just settling in. FW's suggestion is good, even to mulching it for a bit of protection against drying out before it establishes. You can never prevent the odd fly-in grasshopper, but they are a bit of a magnet for snails, even tiny ones can ruin a leaf, have a look around, some may have come along as eggs.

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