need urgent help with my newly planted shrubs

kansFebruary 16, 2014


I have a very little knowledge on gardening. I hired a gardener and let him plant few shrubs for me.But after very next day I saw roots of the plant showing outside. I AM Very concerned that the plant may die.. I called him and he said to push some soil towards the root but that's the case with all the plants especially box hedges and golden diosmasð pls suggest if I should leave it like that..

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Good Lord, sounds to me like you've been ripped off! I'm afraid what you'll need to do is to finish the gardener's job: go out to each plant and dig a hole to the depth of the root ball and as wide, and plant each one properly, that is, ensure the soil covers the roots to about the level it was in the pot and water in well, preferably with a measured dose of sea-weed extract in the watering can.


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