How do I transplant a succulent (agave, I think!)

allyakApril 15, 2010

Hi there,

I've just moved into a new house, and am looking to transplant an existing large succulent. I think it's an agave, but am not sure.

Here's a photo of it:

It's about 85 cm tall.

Is this an agave? How would I go about transplanting this? Can I grow it in a pot? Is it possible to cut the stem shorter in the process?

It's such an amazing plant and I don't want to inadvertently kill it, so your collective advice and wisdom is much appreciated.



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Yes it's an Agave, maybe A attenuata?

It looks great, if a bit "leggy". It also looks to be right at the edge of a fairly shallow garden bed, so I'm thinking the root system won't go down forever, just find your preferred new spot. Dig it up leaving as much of the existing root-ball as you can, and when planting it (somewhere free-draining) just backfill with some good draining material. Sort of shake it in to settle it rather than watering it in copiously - you could add a little seasol or similar to help against transplant shock. then basically leave it and don't coddle it too much.
OR if you have the courage to do it, just cut the top stem off, rest it somewhere in shade for a couple of days for the wounded stem to "heel over" a bit, dust it in rooting hormone, and try striking it again - perhaps in a big pot, and with some cactus mix or a gravel mix - nothing too wet.
You may loose some bottom leaves but if lucky it'll strike.
Save the rooted but and put elsewhere and you might find it'll throw some babies off the side.
OR OR you could go ask in the US forums.... for cacti etc

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Yes it's attenuata.

Cut it off maybe 15cm below the head and just leave it wherever you want it to grow, they're very tough and easily root.

If you leave the stem in place you should definately get more plantlets.

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