Herb to deter ants

randallm8November 10, 2002

I read in this forum about Costmary being used to deter insects (inc ants). I have a bad ant problem in my veggie garden and would appreciate any recommendations for herbs that may repel/deter ants. I'm growing the usual veggies for this time of the year and I live on Eyre Penisular in S.A.....so very hot and very dry summer altho I,m using heavy straw mulch. Thanks in advance.



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Bay, Catmint, Chilli, Eucalyptus, Hyssop, Lavender, Marigolds, Mints, Pyrethrum, Rue, Sage, Tansy, Wormwood, Yarrow, cinnamon, cloves, cucumber slices and peelings, citrus peelings, coffee grounds will all help deter ants.

Combine bicarbonate of soda and black pepper and sprinkle infested areas.

Mix 250g salt with 500ml water. Add 5 kilos of sawdust or bran and 10 cups molasses. Makes a crumbly mixture which can be spread around plants and shrubs to deter ants.

Small containers of borax mixed with jam or honey will help get rid of ants. Be careful to keep pets and children away.

Ants don't much like having boiling water poured into the nests, either! Nor do they like pepper.

It often happens that an infestation of aphids will lead to an increase in the ant population. The ants herd the aphids and 'milk' them of a sweet substance the aphids excrete. Might be worth checking on.

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Thank you indeed...plenty on offer there. Think I'll try a mixture of the herbs first...was planning to edge with marigolds too....as a general pest deterent.
No sign of aphids yet.......they are too happy to leave my roses :)


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A lot of my pots have been severely infested with ants recently - I believe its because its the only place that has moisture!! They built a huge nest in one pot - luckily the plant was an annual that was just about had it anyway!!

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Anyone got a remedy for white ants. The little blighters have just finished off a wall at the end of my house. Anything I can plant that will deter them?
Cheers Jancc

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Isn't pennyroyal meant to deter ants?

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