Aloe vera turning brown and soft

aisummersMarch 28, 2006

Hello I live in central qld, I purchuse an Aloe vera plant last week within a few days it has turned soft and is going brown. I was told to put it in the sun and that it is hardy. I relanted it in the garden but repotted the little fellas which are also going limp. I used a good potting mix in a raised bed.

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Have you watered it?

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Excessive watering and frost are usually the triggers for Aloe Vera going soft and brown - they need little water, but they are tough and should recover if the cause is removed.

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If the leaves turn brown, it usually means too little water. If they turn pinkish, it means too much water.

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No Aloe Vera does not like too much sun, mine is growing under trees. and do not water much. I had the plant first in the sun in Brisbane and it turned brown so I transplanted it in shade and it does well.

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Aloe should be hardened off to grow in direct sunlight. All plants that are started indoors, or lives out of direct sunlight needs to be gradually acclimated to it. If your aloes are turning red, put them back in the shade until they turn green again (they will be even greener than when you first planted them). Put it in partial shade, or put it under a table where noon-time sun will be blocked, but allow weaker light when the sun is lower in the sky.

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My aloe is soft and not bright green in spots and others are brown and curled.
see pics

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Do I need to cut off the brown? Let it dry out? Water it? Feed it fertilizer? Replant?

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Leave on the brown, it will replace it on its own. Water it Once, and then let it dry out thoroughly between waterings. Once or twice a month at most.

If it has been in the pot for a long time, it may be pot bound or lacking in nutrients. Try a slow release fertilizer and give it good amounts of sun.

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My aloe seems to be doing the same thing, turning brownish. It wasn't really growing inside so I put it outside (I live in Cordes Lakes, AZ) where unfortunately it gets very hot, very quickly. Is there any hope of salvaging this? Does it need less water? I do the finger soil test and have kept it moist like a squeezed out sponge.

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