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freckleJanuary 14, 2004

How successful have others been in raising herbs in strawberry pots? At the moment I have parsley and sage which are doing quite well, but everything else seems to die... it comes back again, but is not usually strong enough for me to use the herb without being afraid that i will kill it! I have a feeling that it just gets a bit dry in those little holes for the herbs.

Any ideas?



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I hate the things! Depending on the size of the pot, you've got something like 8-10 holes, for 8-10 plants, all of which have roots which have to compete with lots of others for water and nutrients and space. The plants at the top are usually the largest plants, with roots needing lots of depth and area. Water seldom gets to all the plants, especially the lower ones, or at least not in adequate quantities. The holes themselves are usually so small, that it's hard to think of any plant happy to be in such a confined space for very long. The pots are usually made of terracotta, notorious for drying out at a rate of knots. I've even tried strawberries in them, as well as herbs, and they don't do so well, either!

I eventually found a use for one of them, however. When he was much younger, just a kid, my son bought me several bunches of colourful plastic flowers as a gift for some occasion or other. I'm not really into plastic flowers, but I put them in a strawberry pot and located it in a shady, obscure and otherwise useless area. Brightened up the place a bit, and kept my son happy, bless his little heart!

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thanks Daisy. Hey, maybe I will try some little succulents in some of the lower holes, see how they go.

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I'm growing strawberries in them, but we have an automatic watering system to water all the pots twice a day so they don't dry out. I also have a small saucer under it. The strawberries are doing well in them, and what's more the birds don't get them! IF you can't water them often enough then a self watering hanging basket might be better.

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I have a glazed version. Origano grows well in it but has a tendency to take over. It will come out this winter. The other inhabitants are varieties of sempervivum and they're doing well this far, but they've only begun to multiply. Tradescantia are possibles - and decorative lettuces. They're pretty drought tolerant, I've found.

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I use strawberry pots for wide range of plants. First year I had them watering was a problem. The next year I have my DH get a peice of pvc pipe for each one. He cut it long enough to come up slightly over the top of the pot and put a cap on the bottom end. He then drilled holes along the pipe at random spots. Holes near the top are larger then the holes in the bottom. When I water whatever plants I have in them I just pour the water down the pvc pipe and it does a excellent job of watering the whole pot without the soil running out of the holes in the sides of the pot. Hope this helps someone.

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I had two terracotta ones which are now serving as crocks at the bottom of other pots. However, some of the Mediterranean herbs, as stated above, do fantastic in them. Saw one planted with variegated houttynia once at Sherynga Nursery in the Hills - looked great.

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I've had no luck growing anything in mine either. It's sitting empty but has a lovely green mould (?) growing on it. I was thinking of trying some herbs in it so am interested in any suggestions as to what performs the best.

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nope, you lot are not going to put me off - I was very excited when I found a strawberry pot at the markets - plastic, 3 separate stacking pots, each pot is like a clover leaf shape, so they stack sort of rotating, huge openings for the plants, it has a saucer, and I even ran a hessian 'wick' up through all the levels. I bought 2 of them, and planted them up on the weekend - 20 strawberry plants later! - I have 2 very nice looking pots hanging off my pergola. And I am fully confident they will produce heaps of fruit and be wonderful.

(fingers crossed for the power of positive thinking!)

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Wishful, I've just got one of those. I planted it in parsley at the bottom, sage in the middle and time and oregano on the top, thinking that those 2 layers will be the driest. I'll take a leaf out of your book and engage in some positive thinking, because I've never had any luck with the "traditional" herb planters!

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I've done okay growing strawberries in a glazed strawberry pot, I only planted the plants in every second opening though and kept it well watered. I also have in the past managed to get thyme to grow in the side openings and chives in the top

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