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One Day I was struck with the urge to fill my room with plants.... so I started by going out into the woods and taking samples of any plants I thought looked "neet." ... most turned out to be some kind of weed.... so I started to look in stores instead! No.. any time I see aplant I like.. I sneek a little piece and give it a new home... I have over 100 plants filling my room! I have a wide variety of different ones... including but not limited to:

dieffenbachia, poinsettia, norfolk island pine, peperomia, blue holly, regular and veriegated devils ivy, aloe, calamondin orange tree, corn plant, majesty palm, green and purple irish shamrock, coleus, regular and veriegated jade, crown of thorns, angel wing bagonia, umbrella tree, Ginko biloba, peace lilly, many kinds of cacti, orchids, venus fly trap, bamboo, fuchsia, hens and chickens, african violets, regular and veriegated wandering jew, philodendron

I'll finnish the list later.. there are about 10 or so I am not sure of the names.

I'd enjoy growing plants as a second income and plan to once I get the means at my disposal.

Thanks for comming!

I live in: Canada

My zone is: Niagara Ontario

My favorite forum 1 is Orchids.

My favorite forum 2 is Hydroponics.

First registered on February 13, 2002 .