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I’m a freelance editor sharing a home in beautiful Prince Edward County, Ontario, with my woodturner husband, a big, shaggy dog, three cats, and a bunny with attitude.

Always a city girl, I’ve moved a few years ago to a small town where we’ve bought our first house and built a workshop for DH, behind which are a dozen raised veggie beds for me.

Discovered gardening a few years ago when I stuck a few tomatoes haphazardly in my BF’s backyard, ignored them, and was astounded by the tastiness of the result. Thought they grew themselves until I discovered later my neighbour had been watering them! Since then have found he was typical of most gardeners I’ve met --- generous and friendly.

I’m now a huge fan of growing edibles --- I have about a dozen raised beds, about 3/4 of them dedicated to heirloom tomatoes, and a collection of container herbs.

In the long Canadian winter I love my garden just as much if not more (it’s always perfect during the months when it exists only in my mind!); I read gardening books and pore over seed catalogues and agonize over which tomato varieties to plant.

I have nothing against flowers, as long as they don’t cost too much or take up too much space or work so as to interfere with the true purpose of life: growing things to EAT. I love the fact that I can wander out and pick tomatoes or corn for dinner, or snip a few herbs for sauce.

When I miss my urban environment --- the rattle of the streetcar, the cacophony of cultures, the plethora of restaurant options --- I think of how in my new life I have ready access to manure, can ride my bike to nearby farms, and have the room to put actual navigable PATHS between my beds, and still have some yard left over!

It was helpful and generous people on GW who first helped me discover heirloom vegetables, grow from seed, preserve my excess harvest, and compost. (Now I’m downright compost-obssessed! There’s something magic about making one’s own fertile soil.)

I couldn’t imagine living without a garden.

I live in: Canada

My zone is: z5/6 Ontario

My favorite forum 1 is Harvest.

My favorite forum 2 is Growing Tomatoes.

First registered on March 04, 2003 .