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Hello, Welcome to my garden web member page. Here you can find out a little more about my gardening interests and hobbies.....

I love to garden and landscape! I’ve been interested in it since I was a little girl. I can remember digging up my mother’s daffodils and replanting them where I thought they looked best. :0) So, you could say I started getting my hands dirty at an early age! :) I really starting getting into gardening when I was a teenager (believe it or not) and spent hours working in my flowerbeds.

Once I moved away from home, it was time to start all over again. My husband and I bought our house in Sept. 2002. There wasn’t much here as far as landscaping goes. It’s like starting all over, which I guess is kinda fun. I do miss all of the large trees that were at mom and dad’s. Those large shade trees made it great for my shade loving gardens. I now have mostly sun loving plants. But I have tried to have my shade gardens. (I say tried) Planting hostas under a maple tree is ultimate death for them! Maybe in time the new trees I’ve planed will give me some shade to work with, but until then I will have to stick with mostly sun tolerant plants.

An old obsession of mine came to light in 2005 when I was on the GardenWeb searching for plants to trade.... I met a now great friend of mine on here and she got me back into tropical plants. (Thanks Dawna!) That spiraled into many tropical plants being bought and traded.

In Spring of 2006 My husband bought me a Harbor Freight Greenhouse to overwinter all of my tropicals in. Though, I love my greenhouse now, we did have to make some changes to strengthen it. Well worth it in the end however. Heat, electric, exhaust fan, lighting, water, shelving... You name it, we added it.

Oct. 2006. After endless troubles with the original doors coming off of their tracks and blowing in the wind, we decided to take them off and install a storm door. The door has full glass, but it is divided in the center so you can open the top part and a screen can be pulled down to let fresh air in. It took a little time to get the new door in just right, but well worth it. I love the new door! My husband used self-drilling screws to hold it to the greenhouse frame. No wooden frames were used for support. It’s totally attached to the metal frame of the greenhouse using self-drilling screws and a few nuts and bolts.

March 10th 2008. Our latest project will be adding on to the existing HFGH with a second one. Making the overall size 10’ X 24’. We will have to wait until the weather is warm enough for me to move my plants out, or at least until they can tolerate the outside temperature. (This should be interesting!)

Another one of my other favorite hobbies is ponds. Right now I have a couple of small ponds, (preformed) but plan on putting in a large one someday. Hopefully soon! :) When I lived at home with mom and dad, we had a few ponds. It was a learning experience for sure! My first one was more like a sloping hole in the ground! No shelves, no filter. Yeah, that one didn’t last long. We filled it in and built a couple of nice large ones. We build them all ourselves, with the help of some of my family. It’s defiantly trial and error. Until I get my pond built here at home, I will just have to enjoy my aquariums.

I have a 125 gallon freshwater aquarium that houses several kinds of fish. Angelfish, Corydoras, Stickfish, Red Serpae Tetras, A Blood Parrot Fish, A Blue Three Spotted Gourami (she didn’t like the other Gourami so I had to move it), several Glo Danios, and a couple Clown Plecos.

I have two other freshwater aquariums that are both 29 gallons. The first one is home to Corydoras, a male Betta, a large Pleco, several Glo Danios, Glass or Ghost Fish, and a Mickey Mouse Platy. The 29 gallon hexagon is home to several Clown Loaches, one Raphael Catfish, several Penguin Tetras, and a Bushy Nosed Pleco.

I also have a 75 gallon tube aquarium. I have African Cichlids from Lake Malawi in it. I wasn’t too sure about getting Cichlids until a friend of mine had hers for a while. I thought they were really pretty so why not give it a try? I’m so happy that I did. With a little, or should I say a lot of help from my friend, and the pet store owner, they were able to help me setup a really nice Mbumba aquarium.

And those are just a few of my interest and hobbies! Thanks for stopping by!

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