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Iris ~ Fragrant

moon flowers

summer mountain flowers

Mountain plains South of Pine Dale

Indian Paint Brush by Laramie Peek

Dani’s quilt top

These are a few of the flowers I grow and a couple of my favorite quilts

I love all types of gardening ~ flowers, veggies, trees, shrubs, all of it.

I am creating a Gazebo/Rose Garden and a Cacti/drought resistant perinial garden. I like just about any type of fragrance flowers and bulbs of all kinds, that will live in zone 5. I LOVE garden treasures! Gnomes, Fairy’s, Turtles, Frogs, Stepping Stones, Gaizer’s, Signs...

I love to do all types of crafts - knitting, crocheting, cross stitch and hand sewing & quilting. I’m also an avid book reader, just about anything, except murder/mystery.


I am still working on a ’Name’ themed perenial bed for my Parents, their children & grands. Roses, Clematis, Iris, Lilys, small shrubs, flowering trees, Lilac’s, flowering ground cover, anything Unique/Unusual, just about any Perenial that will live in zone 4/5 with the following names: John/Jack Leith (father) Sylvania (mother), Garrett, Dixie Ann, William/Bill Richard, Marie Elena, Roberta/Bertie Jean, Peggy Sue, Megin Elizabeth, Breanna Ray, Scotty, Tomi Bliss, Jett or any variation of these. hehehehe My father was a rancher/cowboy & Mom was a nurse.

I also am looking for flowering or varigated ground cover to go between stepping stones and a large ugly area. Crocus to put into the grass in my yard & Carpet &/or beblooming Lilys to line my drive way with - mixed color’s. I saw both of these idea’s in a garden book and fell in love with the look - AWSOME!

This list is just for idea’s - I love all growing things except for Mint ~ to evasive and spider house plants ~ these just give me the creeps! I live in zone 5....


Angel Trumpets - any color - no seeds, they don’t like me!

Astrantia - ’Moulin Rouge’ - want BAD!

Brugmansia ~ Ila Marie

Bon Fire Euphorbia - Want BAD!


Carpet Border Lily’s - all colors

Chameleon Plants


Clematis - no seeds, they don’t like me!

Dahlia’s - love them all!

Datura - love the doubles

Hens & Chicks

Hollyhocks - any doubles ~ want Peaches-n-Dreams

Hummingbird Vine - any

Iris - I love the mini’s, fragrant and 2 tones and red.

Lilac - any but love the yellow and red


Peonie - any but want YELLOW!

Silver Lace Vine

Silver Mounds


~ climbing, ground cover and repeat bloomer’s ~
Please only rooted cutting or plants - I can’t get them to root for me....


Pink Princess Philodendron



Daisys - all colors and kinds

Cut Flower mixes - anything pretty

Dianthus - all colors

Flax - Charmer Mix - want bad!

Hollyhocks - any doubles ~ want Peaches-n-Dreams

Marigolds - Citrus Smoothies - want bad!

MORNING GLORYS ~ 2 tones and doubles - unique colors

Moss Roses - all colors


Straw Flowers - all

Zinnas -

~ Just about any long blooming annual that self seeds. ~

Metal Hoop Plant Supports - big for Peony’s
Miracle Grow
Peat Pots
Plant Marker’s
Root Booster
Soil Disks
Unique Flower Pots ~ shoes, teapots, cows.... anything ’different’ or unique.

Update April 2010: I have been out of the garden/plant swaps for awhile due to personal reasons. I would love to join in again :)I have moved and have a big empty front yard. I want to put rose’s & other long blooming perenals all over.

I live in: United States

My zone is: z5 WY

My favorite forum 1 is Garden Exchange.

My favorite forum 2 is Quilting.

First registered on June 14, 2005 .