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I have a 30-footlong deck in the back, facing south, and 7 feet below I have 2 ponds, connected to a third,and when I turn the pump, the top turns into a waterfall, overflow via a stream into the 2nd, then 3rd. Ponds have large kois and waterlilies in the summer.
My orchids are grown on the deck, about 70% shaded, except in the winter. Trying to make a portable greenhouse on the deck this summer for the next winter. Not quite figure out how to do that yet. Here is a partial list of my orchids:

Cattleya, Mini
Ctna. Maui Maid 'Fringe' x Ctna. Maui Maid 'Ivory Dolls' [spring bloom; small white flowers; no sheath]
C. Moon Festival 'Cloud Clusters' x Ctna. Maui Maid 'Fringe' [spring bloom]

C. Moon Festival 'Springtime' x Iwaganara Apple Blossom 'H&R' [spring bloom]
C. Valentine 'Coerulean Sunrise' x C. bowringiana var. coerulea 'Skyward' [fall bloom]- large size

C. Valentine 'Coerulean Sunrise' x C. bowringiana var. coerulea 'Skyward' Plant #2, small size

Lc. Mari’s Song ‘CTM217' NBS
Blc. Ann Miyamoto ‘Carmela’ NBS
Blc. Haiku Dawn x Slc. Little Precious Orange Beauty (2" pot)

Cattleya and Related Species
Lc. Acker’s Madison ‘Kyle’–bi-foliate; multifloral; November-Dec. bloom 8" pot
Blc. Blue Grotto ‘Gran Blue' AM/AOS (Blc. Victoria x Lc. Blue
Lc. Betty Ford 'York' (Nigrescent x Barbara's Delight); Unifoliate. March/April bloom; lavender w/darker lavender throat; large 6" flowers; fragrant; very nice; 8.5" pot.
Lc. Drumbeat ‘Heritage' (Lc. Bonanza x C. Horace) Lavender; bloom listed as Feb-Mar. 7 1/2" Bloom out of dry sheath! 10" pot

Lc. Drumbeat Heritage -(Bonanza x C. Horace); 8.5" pot
#1: C. Arctic Star 'Snow Queen' (Claisiana x Fred Cole)—Bifoliate; white w/light yellow throat; clone; Aug-Sept. [Sept-Oct] Scented in the morning and afternoon. (Bifoliate)
10" pot

#2:C. Arctic Star 'Snow Queen' (Claisiana x Fred Cole)—Bifoliate; white w/light yellow throat; clone; Aug-Sept. [and Oct] Scented in the morning and afternoon (2nd Plant)
C. Bob Betts x Lc. Irene Finney ‘Ingrid' (unifoliate)
8/01: 6" lavender flowers 6" pot
C. Bactia ‘Granier's Plum Wine' CCM/AOS (C. bowringiana x C. guttata)–dark purple; division 8" pot
Slc. Barbara Elmore 'Hearts' AM/AOS (bi-foliate)
An Elmore Orchids exclusive. Clusters of 4" flowers w/purple petals, darker purple lip, well-defined yellow hearts in the petals, cream sepals. 6"

C. Bowringiana coerulea (blue). Fall bloom; 3" pot
C. Gaskelliana (lavender). Summer bloom; 5" pot
C. Horace ‘Maxima' x Blc. Oconee ‘Mendenhall'
Lc. Indian Mountain 'Z1259' (Large Peach w/purple lip; fragrance; fall/winter bloom' 7" pot
Blc. Keowee ‘Vi-Galaxy’ (AM/AOS); yellow/orange flower; fall bloom;
Blc. Keowee ‘Wings of Fire’ (BM/JOGA; HCC/AOS); yellow; Fall-Winter bloom; 3.5" pot
Laelia purpurata var. Werkhauserii ‘Blue Sky’ (5" size; Sp-Sum bloom
C. Majorie Hausermann ‘York’ (Henrietta Japhet x Ethel Leder); white bifoliate. Bloom: Sept & Feb. 5"size
Slc. Orglade's Burgundy (C. Chocolate Drop ‘Kodama' AM/AOS x Slc. Rajah's Ruby)- multiple burgundy flowers from same spike
Lc. Park Ridge ‘Granier', JC/CCM/AOS; (Lc Spring Comet x C. Mossiae)–semi-alba w/red lip - 8" pot
Blc. Pink Twilight ‘Horizon' (Bc. Marcella Koss x Nacouchee) – unifoliate (Fragrant fall blooming large, showy pink) - 10" pot
Blc Ports of Paradise 'Emerald Isle'. FCC/AOS – 7"

Laelia Purpurata var. carnea ‘Grande' x Laelia ... ‘York' (Bloom: Sp/Sum)–Unifoliate
Lc. Ronald Hausermann ‘Carl' x Blc. Oconee ‘Mendhall'
8/01: 6" purple flowers
Lc. Shelly Compton 'Touch of Class' unifoliate)- 8" pot
Lc. Stephen Oliver Fouraker ‘Elmhurst’–unifoliate; Nov-Dec. Bloom; white w/purple lip - 8" pot

**Cymbidium Pearl x Flori Pink ‘BVF 751' – (Standard)--a gallon pot–more than 3' tall
Cymbidium Golden Elf ‘Sundust' (pure yellow; fragrant; twice, fall/winter)

Chinese Cymbidium
Cymbidium ensifolium var. Kuan Yin Susin (White Goddess of Mercy)–plant w/4 growths

Cymbidium ensifolium var. Si Ji Lou

Cymbidium ensifolium var. Yu Hua [Glowing Jade] (Bloom from May-October)-Yellow w/red stripe; variegated leaves
Bloom: May to October Exclusive Variegated-Leaves ;Gold slashes at both sides of the erect leaves. Multi-inflorescence (4~6 times per year), with a very nice fragrance, 6~10 flowers per spike, 3~6 spikes per year. Flower is light yellow with reddish stripes, lip has red specks.
Cymbidium sinense Bao Sui (Andr.) Willd [New York Welcome] - (Winter Bloom: from Jan to Feb.)
(dark red w/purple spots)–3-15 flowers per spike, lasting for months

Dendrobium 1. Don't over pot;
Den. White Lightning ‘1' x Jaquelyn Thomas ‘UH’ 800 Select
Den. Uiwai Royale ‘1' x Inner Harmony
Den. chrysotoxum
Den. densiforum
Den. Titan ‘Tsue' (4" pot

Phaius grandifolius 4" pot

Paph. (Chilton x Paph. Agnes de Burc) x Paph. Gigi ‘Spackle' Winter/Spring bloom.
Paph Moquettianum ‘Pine Knot' x self (Spring to Summer, sequential bloomer) -spotting on dorsal sepal and a pink lip. nice, delicate flower.
Paph. Oriental Mystique ‘Shan' x Paph. Alma Gavert ‘Hagers'
Paph. Kolopakingii (mahogany/green/white); winter-spring bloom; 5" pot;
Paph. Rothschildianum ‘CH x J' – 3.5"
Paph. Saint Within (rothschildianum x phillippinense) beautiful multifloral.
3.5" pot w/LS

Paph. Song of Love


Dtps. Leopard Prince ‘171' (red w/spots) 4" pot
P. Golden Peoker ‘BL’ - 4 pt
P. Little Emperor ‘Lee’ (yellow)
; small plant - 4" pot
Dtps. King Shiang's Rose ‘spot' x Phal. Housseroles. (Winter-Spring; 4 months)
(Dtps = Doritaenopsis; a cross of Dtps and Phal)
Phal. hierogrlyphical
Phal. Rio Candy x DTPS City Girl (lavender-pink)
Phal. Sensational Opening x Dtps. Candy Harbor "Peppermint Sea" (Bloom: Aug- Nov
Phal. White Heat "Fire Isle" x Dtps. Faberge "Snow Maiden" (Bloom: Sept.-Nov.)

(Took about 5 weeks to open all flowers)

Dpts. Quevedo ‘Sierra Vasquez' x P. Fairy Tales ‘Zumita' x Dtps. Poco's Play Fest ‘Zuma Canyon'
Dtps.Acapulco 'Malibu Surf' x P. Malibu Elf 'Paradise Cove'; Novelty
P. Gallant Beau 'George Vasquez' x P. Malibu Dart 'Zumita'. Pink;
Phal. Gallant Beau ‘George Vasquez' ; Pink Mericlone (P. David Leob x P. Abendrot)
Phal. Amabilis (P. amabilis ‘Sierra Vasquez' x P. Amabilis ‘Republic of China' $15
Dpts. Zuma White Puff ‘the King' x Dtps. White Castle ‘Zuma Deluxe' (Bloom: Oct-Dec?) $20
Dpts. Tamara ‘Malibu Ermine' HCC/AOS x Phal. Moon World ‘Malibu' (#9912) Bloom: Sept-Dec?
Phal. Timonthy Christopher ‘Zuma Ermine' (P. Amabillis ‘Linda Ibarra' x P. Cassandra ‘Zuma Ermine'); medium white flowers
Dtps. Kiska ‘Bonnie Vasquez' : $25; (white w/orange lip; tall)
Dtps. Malibu Icon (Dtps. Malibu ‘Zuma Chief' x Dtps. Malibu Icon ‘Zuma #37'
10/1/01: from, Exotic Orchids of Maui, FS $15

I live in: United States

My zone is: z6 southernIN

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