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Hi there guys! My name is Elizabeth. My husband and our 6 kids, yep you read that right, started gardening a while back and found we are pretty good at it. We live in a tiny town in Alabama. Its farm land around us so you'd think there'd be lots of places to find great organic food but there isn't. So the plan is this, we want to start a community garden of sorts but no one around here wants to help fund something like that so we can't be non-profit. So, now what? Well I'm thinking that I'll open a garden anyway, eventually. Gotta save up for it a bit. Half the day will be trade for work time - come in, sign up, get paid for your work in food (or credit for veg if its not ready yet). The second half of the day is my work time (that way I make sure all the work gets done if no one shows to help). If anyone shows for food during that time We'll charge a modest fee to help cover operating costs. Any thoughts? We aren't looking to make a huge profit, money isn't everything - I mostly want to help make good, healthy food in an area where there are more fast food places than there are parks, grocery, and misc stores - combined. There are three, count them, three eating places that aren't mickey d's but they aren't the best options either. Even cooking at home isn't my fav unless its with my home grown food - the only grocery place is walmart and a winndixe - the produce is horrible. anyway, i've chattered enough - any thoughts on the idea are welcome! :)

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