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Trying to garden among the rocks at 6,800 feet. I have a nice rock garden started on the east side on my house, but four years after completing the construction of my house, I am still in the experimental stage. If something grows well (yay!) I buy more.

I also encourage native things that I like. For example, believe it or not, YUCCA. I have transplanted a lot of it around my rock garden, and although I have to be careful when working around it, it really helps keep critters out.

I have lots of native surprises and each year is different. For example I let spiderwort grow where ever it wants unless it encroaches on a treasured plant. Penstemon, skull cap, bluebells, cut-leaf daisies, showy fleabane, crocus, liatris, larkspur grow wild in good years. However, I still have some big bare patches I need help with.

I live in: United States

My zone is: Z4-5 CO

My favorite forum 1 is Rocky Mountain Gardening.

My favorite forum 2 is Porches & Decks.

First registered on August 21, 2005 .