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hi everybody!
hi my name is win. my boyfriend and i cohabitate in alameda and in hayward. we are about 20 miles east of san francisco, across the bay. we have a fairly large garden considering we are in the bay area. it is an open lot that was originally an open field infront of our rental house in hayward.it is probably about 50ftx70ft. it’s amazing how much we can plant there. the first year(1999) we decided to try a small garden heheh...the original plan was a 10ftx8ft raised bed. well that quickly expanded. my boyfriend decided he wanted to grow a few corn plants. well the first year i think he got a bit over zealous and planted 50 corn plants. and i got over zealous and planted 8 summer squashes, 4 tomatoe plants, 8 eggplants, 4 pepper plants, green onions, collard greens, turnips, radishes, beets, 4 different kinds of melons and watermelons, and cucumbers. oh yes..and the 8 foot trellis of beans. i think we feed the entire neighborhood.

so now we are into our 5th growing season. since last season, we have purchased a 5.5 hp roto tiller and two mini 3 tier greenhouse. the roto tiller, we found in the penny saver. the previoius owner purchased it to put in a new lawn. it was probably used less than 5 times. the greenhouse is constructed of metal with a clear vinyl zippered incase covering. we picked it up at a discount store(Big Lots) for $19.99 compared to some of the catalogs at $89.99. That and the rototiller has been the best purchases for us. my boyfriend had a heart attack a few years back and with the garden as large as it is i don’t fancy him turning the soil by hand. it would almost be cruel. the greenhouse has allowed us to start all of our own seedlings this year. in the previous year we have been buying seedlings. now with all the different catalogs we have, we have had a very difficult time in limiting our selections..hhahahaha..i don’t think we can expand anymore short of buying a farm. hhahahaa. one of the plants that did superbly was a quite unknown melon similar to the asian winter melon. chinese people call this melon "shark fin melon". my mom gave us 4 seeds to plant. it produced about 200 melons that were about 5-10 inches in diameter. who would have known it would known the vines would cover a 100 foot square foot area. we still have about 40 melons left in the garage from last years harvest!!!
the boyfriend made a list of vegetable plants we have started from seed. i think he said there is over 40 different vegetables. my big thing this year is winter squashes. i think there is 10 varieties of winter squashes in store for us, walthum butternut, lakota, pink and blue banana squash, buttercup, butterbush, kuri, sweetmeat, kabocha and at my mom’s request asian winter melons.
i love the idea of having fresh vegetables to last throughout the year. living in zone 9 has allowed us to have produce all year round. there is as listed above a multitude of fresh vegetables during the summer months and well into the fall. i have also done some canning. some are frozen and some are dried. we also have plenty of melons and winter squashes to bring us into the winter and spring of the next year. i think it is so fantastic to be able to have a bountiful harvest to last all year round. and the best thing is we get to share it with all our friends and neighbors!

Happy Gardening and Green Thumbs UP!!!!

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My zone is: z9 CA

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