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We raise and show whippets and skye terriers, and our daughter shows French bulldogs. We enjoy gardening very much. We are trying to accomplish a landscape both pleasing to us, and fun (durable!) for our dogs. Hard to do with those terriers who are convinced there is "vermin" just "a little deeper down"... although they HAVE eliminated a terrible mole problem! We also are learning about water gardening, as we love to sit out on the patio, and enjoy our morning coffee, staring at our small ponds watching the koi. One pond has 3 turtles (about 7" sliders) that we’ve discovered get surprizingly attached to whoever feeds them! My wife looks very silly with three turtles scampering along behind her.. We also have walk-in flight pens with a few exotic pheasants, and are busy landscaping them with flowering vines and some grapes for the birds...They already have dwarf peach trees and apples. We are just beginner gardeners, so am glad to find a helpful forum.

I live in: United States

My zone is: region 5

My favorite forum 1 is House Plants.

My favorite forum 2 is Orchids.

First registered on March 03, 2004 .