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I had a home in California that had been built in 1939. We bought it in 1999 and spent six years renovating, realizing all the while that once done, it was still too small and in a none-too-safe neighborhood.

We finally gave up, and moved to Portland, OR, metro. Love it. Fine misty weather, everything's green without ever having to use a sprinkler and oh! we can afford a house in a safe place, still avoiding the whole "planned subdivision" look.

Our new Northwest home is in an agricultural area. We've no plans for animals, but enjoy watching the neighbor's horses, donkeys, llamas, goats, and so forth. We're enjoying the peace and quiet of rural living, while doing those things that make someone else's house ours. We sure hated painting over that special place on the wall - the one with pencil marks, from the past ten years, that say things like "Samantha April 1995, 64 pounds" with a tick mark next to her height. Almost cut out that piece of wall to ship to the previous owners...

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