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Hi all! I garden in 2 zones here in New Jersey.
In Zone 6 (NorthWest,Central NJ). I have a vegetable/Herb garden during the summer. I also have a couple of Flower gardens contaning Annuals and Perrenials.There is also a semi natural woodland here where I grow various native and non-native plants that are deer resistant. I live in an area that is filled with White tailed deer. My plants look like Prisoners inside tall,metal fencing. I can't tell you how many times I have enjoyed seeing the first green shoots come out of the ground (before they are protected)and just a couple hours later have nothing but chewed off stalks!!
At the same location I maintain indoor plants and Vines (African Violets, Amaryllis, Hawaiian Wedding plant, Passion Flower, Philodendron, Ivy, Xmas cactus, Croton and some others).
In East Central NJ (Zone 7) I garden on a Barrier Island. NO DEER!! I have some great Crepe Myrtles and Roses and make up various containers during the summer. I am going to try a making a traditional "Seaside Garden" at some point in the near future.
Anyway, Thats about it. I have just signed up as a new member here (1-14-03) so I don't know if I have written a lot or hardly anything. At the moment, I am most interested in getting my Stephanotis Floribunda to bloom. If anyone has actually taken the time to read this and has information on the Hawaiian wedding plant, I would be most interested in reading it.
Happy Gardening

I live in: United States

My zone is: Z 6&7. E&W NJ

First registered on January 14, 2003 .