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I live in Northwest Florida, United States of America. I am happy to have found your site and find it quite interesting as I am an avid plant "fanatic."
I have 2 adult children- 26 yr old daughter with two grandsons that love gardening with me!! They are 7 & 5. I have a son that is 21 with no children; I've been married 22 years and am 42 years old- NOPE, not afraid to admit it!
I am as much an animal lover as I am of plants and flowers; it's a generational thing- mostly learned from my grandmother, to which I am eternally grateful.
I prefer unusual, unique, or carnivorous plants.... for some reason, they just 'grow' on me (pardon the pun) but, I also LOVE color!
My 3 dogs are my other 'babies'- the eldest is a retired racing greyhound, she's 12, that was recently diagnosed with cancer. Due to the nature of things, she had to have her right front leg amputated and I've spent more time taking care of her as of late. My other dogs are a black Labrador mix that's nearing his 9th birthday, lastly, my newest family member is a mutt I adopted from the local kill shelter- she'll be 1 year on Halloween.
I sincerely hope that I will be able to swap or trade plants with folks on your site. Unfortunately, I don't do as well with seeds, still can't figure that one out!!
I feel it's important to one's spirit and livelihood to have a sense of humor. Consequently, I'm laughing and happy most of the time.
Thanks, for taking an interest in my little story and feel free to contact me any time via email- I check it at least once each day.
Hope you're all having a great day!

I live in: United States

My zone is: USDA 8

First registered on September 17, 2005 .