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I live in the Bay Area of California with DH and 20yr. old twin boys. I am a certified Whore-ticulturist who can and will grow anything. I LOVE my zone! I have several pets, including dogs, cats, birds and my second love....Reptiles! Reptiles led to my interest in plants when I was in Costa Rica on a reptile hunt. Lizards are my favorite!
When I'm not running through the jungles and deserts looking for snakes and lizards, I'm working in a nursery (where else?) or shopping in one.
My tastes have become eclectic, and the garden (Wandaworld...and I am Queen. LOL) is more or less cottage style done in "early chaos".

I live in: United States

My zone is: Z9 CA

My favorite forum 1 is calif.

My favorite forum 2 is peren.

First registered on March 15, 2001 .