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Hello - was very excited to find this site...... I’m a novice (lol - if there is a lower level - I’d be there).... so I’m here to learn all I can.

When I first joined, we had just moved into our new home on the water..... It was landscaped beautifully !!

Two months later, Hurricane Isabel "visited" and we lost our house.... We had to raze the existing house and start new..... Now, 2 years later, we are "home" in our new house..... But, sad to say, we lost most of the landscaping on the property - either to the oil and toxins distributed by the tidal surge - or during the building process....

So - lol - I really have a lot of learning to do now.... Not just "decorating with annuals" this spring....

Looking forward to many "exchanges" with fellow members and learning a LOT!!


I live in: United States

My zone is: 7 Maryland

My favorite forum 1 is Clematis.

My favorite forum 2 is Mid-Atlantic Gardening.

First registered on June 23, 2003 .