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I did organic gardening in Vermont but have moved to El Paso a year ago. I'm having a bit of shock at the differences; couldn't even grow tomatoes last year. I am no expert but have had good success with gardening in Vermont when I had never touched the soil or a bug in my lifetime. Learning and gardening did much for me at a very basic level after I moved to Vermont after growing up in the city of Philadelphia. I changed, quite literally.

When I arrived in Vermont at age 32 I got to live on 400 protected wooded acres in a house that was built in 1808 and had not been remodeled much. It had only wood heat and we used about 8 cords a winter. A city girl, I found myself chopping wood and eventually would go outside in nothing but my boots and PJs in the morning to play with my dog.

In fall I took down a 50 by 20 foot part of an old farmland with a hand scythe I found in the shed. I tilled the soil, built a fence around it and covered. Then, I read about organic and companion planting, not becoming an expert but focusing on what I wanted to do. In the summer, wearing protective gear but being viciously attacked by black flies, I got my seedlings into the ground. I was amazed when I saw them actually growing, and growing well.

I planted MUCH too much food crop (should've done more flowers) but supplied the local food shelf with some good beautiful veggies. Then, I learned to can. Everything was new to me. I loved that land and cried my heart out when I had to leave.

In some ways I miss that life but the cold eventually got to me. I found out I had Multiple Sclerosis and my body stopped regulating its temperature very well. Since I've moved I have been feeling much better, but I miss streams and ponds very much here.

I still have MUCH to learn about gardening--so much.

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