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Hello! I have always loved growing plants, but I didn't get a chance to do any real gardening until I bought my home in 1993. I couldn't stand having just grass and fence to look at all day. I simply had to have something growing. And so my gardening journey began.

I love all kinds of flowers, bushes and trees. I'm guilty of bringing home new plants with no idea where I'll put them. I have grown several plants from seedlings after they've sprouted up in my yard somewhere. Each year, my husband and I dig up another section of grass to start a new flowerbed. One of these days, the grass will be just the pathways between the flowerbeds!

I live in Sugar Land which is just Southwest of Houston. We have a wonderfully long growing season with excellent gardening weather in the Spring and Fall. Our Summers can get pretty hot, but our mild Winters make up for it. Our air is very humid, and our soil is dark clay.

I started a website a few years ago in which I have placed photos of the plants in my gardens. The picture on this page is one I took of my Saucer Magnolia. It is my favorite flower and picture! To see more of my gardens, please come visit my website.

Happy Gardening!

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