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I live north of Vernonia with DH and 3 little ones ages 5 and under, so I am pretty busy :) We have 1 chicken, 2 orange cats, and a pretty red female border collie. We like to plant bright fun child friendly plants, and the kids like to help make their own food in the garden. I like to explore and learn all the time, within my limited budget and time. The thing I like the best is exploring the natural world in our own yard with my kids. We learn about bugs, plants, birds, and other things thanks to sites like gardenweb :)
We are a rare and dying breed, we do not partake of baby-sitters, because no one will ever love/understand/care for my children the way I do, and they are certainly deserving of all my attentions :) And my kids' special needs, and our remoteness(15 miles to the nearest gas station) mean I am a bit homebound, so I try to learn all I can from my limited computer/mommy time. There is plenty to do here at home, so it is our recreation. We also do not partake of credit cards, which is good because I cannot afford the interest :) I am exceedingly frugal at times, but am generous with non monetary things, I think if we all shared more, we would all be happier, and we would all be a little richer :) *a mere $10 to you, is 5 gallons of milk with a coupon for me*
I have enjoyed reading old posts and learning. Thanks to everyone who shares their knowledge so freely on gardenweb. You have no idea how very much it means to me. It makes a HUGE difference to have all your opinions, advice and experiences at my fingertips :)

And on a final note: Play more! You will live longer!

I live in: United States

My zone is: z7b OR

First registered on April 02, 2005 .