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I will try and grow anything just to see if I can do it. I am a grandmother of ten and do lots of volunteer work including gardening for the senior center. I sit on several Boards as a director, both profit and non-profit. I am currently working on a history and research project that everyone is bugging me to have published, but I feel like it is a part of me and if I give it up it will no longer be mine. I received the "Garden of the Week"Award from my a few years ago. It was so exciting and made all the hard work seem worthwile. This year we received first place yard from the chamber of commerce. That came on a day I really needed dan uplift. I don’t know when to stop so I am making another garden area. The gentleman from the city told me my yard looked like some sort of a botanical garden. I’m not sure about that but I like to have a little bit of everything growing all over the place. I fulfilled my dream and have only paths of lawn for the most part and the rest flowers trees and shrubs. Alaska is a very challenging place for gardeners but there are lots of us. Update: Along with numerous blue ribbons, and a few reds in vegetable and flowers divisions at the Peninsula State Fair I had the largest cabbage and the second largest zucchini a few years ago.(I no longer enter in the fair as I have been judging the flower division for the past several years.) My girlfriend had the second largest cucumber and her husband had the largest. Next I won division champion and then Grand Champion for the Flower department. Can you guess what flower it was? A single cream and burgandy fox glove that I almost didn’t enter. It was an after thought and I grabbed it just as I was leaving to enter the plants. He has a trophy and two ribbons. Imagine a foxglove winning over roses and dahlias and such. It is the most rewarding thing I have ever won. I got a blue ribbon on the lovely hollyhock that I grew from GW seeds also.

I live in: United States

My zone is: Z 3 & 4

First registered on March 24, 2003 .