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These are the roses I grow:<p>Blushing Lucy<br>Trier<br>R. moschata<br>Nastarana<br>Mme Leonie Viennot<br>Russell’s Cottage Rose<br>Devoniensis, Cl.<br>Vanity<br>Westerland<br>Henri Barruet<br>Eddie’s Jewel<br>Mrs. B. R. Cant<br>Jaune Desprez<br>Shailer’s Provence<br>La Marne<br>Dream Girl<br>Ards Rover<br>Cramoisi Superieur (workhorse rose making a hedge)<br>Cramoisi Superieur, Cl.<br>Mutabilis<br>Emily<br>Blush Noisette<br>Clair Matin<br>Columbia, Cl.<br>Conrad Ferdinand Meyer<br>Crimson Glory, Cl.<br>Darlow’s Enigma<br>Duchessed’Auerstadt<br>Felicia<br>Garisenda<br>Gipsy Boy<br>Great Western<br>Honorine de Brabant<br>Variegata di Balogna<br>Katy Road Pink<br>Lavendar Lassie<br>Margo Koster<br>Old Blush<br>Parade<br>Penelope<br>Petite Pink Scotch<br>Phyllis Bide<br>R. roxburghi roxburghi<br>Rival de Paestum<br>Rosa Mundi<br>Skyrocket<br>

I live in: United States

My zone is: Z8B in Texas

My Birthday is December 29 .

My favorite forum 1 is Texas Gardening.

First registered on January 26, 2002 .